We supply various crude-oil throught our differents partners based in USA . By this channel , there is possibilities for a buyer to have crude-oil from North and South America, Middle-East ,Russia, Africa ....."


By our relation ship , we can arrange the supply of :

  • Jet-A1, TS1
  • ULSD
  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel oil
  • &others


We supply LNG-LPG throught our differents worldwide partners.


While we are always prepared to speak with a Signatory Buyer or other legal Buyer's Representative, initial Compliance always comes first.

It is important for Buyers and Intermediaries to understand that AetB IMPORT EXPORT is in direct relation with seller's staff . He has to collect and give the first informations to buyer , verify the provided informations by buyer and introduce buyer to seller's staff for an initial compliance review .

AetB IMPORT EXPORT will got his fees from buyer . None of our Title Holder / Sellers willask for, or will accept, unsolicited LOI's or ICPO's. All prices quoted are NET to the buyer - Brokers are free to negotiate whatever fee they wish with their Buyer Client.

Procedures (from any of our refinery-level Title Holder / Sellers) are designed to allow full disclosure on both sides as the process moves along.

Our process operates much like chess: the Seller provides general information / moves first; the Buyer moves back; we move again; they reply - mutual, progressive information exchange from both sides for full disclosure and mutual comfort in a transaction

When a Signatory Buyer is interested in learning more about any offer as outlined in one of our overviews, the only info we / AetB IMPORT EXPORT need in the beginning is "public" info which no legitimate buyer should have any issues providing to anyone:

  • Corporate profile and/or Website
  • Name of signatory and Title

After our discussions with a Signatory Buyer or Mandate, if the Buyer would like to proceed into a potential transaction, the Seller's Compliance Department will need:

  • Full name of the entity buying with the full contact details including address, phone, fax, email and website (if applicable)
  • Corporate profile
  • Name of signatory and Title
  • Written Agreement on the Buyer's Letterhead confirming the Seller's Procedures

That info, along with our comments and initial detailed review, is provided to Compliance in the USA.

Upon successful review (the buyer is legitimate, and the seller can legally sell to them), the Buyer will receive either an ICPO or Request for Quote Template they simply "cut and paste" to their Letterhead for return to the Seller . This part of the process provides Buyers a level of disclosure about the Seller (they will receive the seller's Corp Overview and other info if not received previously in our personal discussions with them), and allow them to start to engage on a Principal to Principal basis.

Once the initial documents are completed and exchanged, Contracts will be finalized, the Banks are engaged, and Logistics will be worked out.

All throughout the Process the Buyer is obtaining more confidential info about the Seller, and vice versa. And, there are multiple "escape" points in any transaction before any money is spent on banking.

If both sides agree the other can perform after their personal interaction crafting the contracts and mutual information exchange, Then the banks are engaged, product is ordered, and moved to the port for loading.

Lastly, if you are an intermediary, please do not introduce us to another broker who "knows the buyer or buyer's rep." While we recognize and are appreciative of the role that brokers and intermediaries play in the process of introducing buyers and sellers, we only want to speak with someone who has Authority in a transaction - preferably the Signatory Buyer or Mandate.

Interested buyers simply provide us the basic public-level information above, and we'll quickly have it reviewed. More confidential information regarding the legal status of the corporation the buyer intends to use, whether the signatory will be signing on behalf of a JV, their level of experience in this business, their preparation re logistics, and banking information will be needed as we help the buyer move into contract discussions with the Seller Principal on a personal basis.

After a successfull initial compliance review



Buyer sends Corporate Profile / CP and LOI / RFQ to Seller confirming the Seller's Procedures and Offered Price via his representative . Seller does additional due diligence on Buyer, and if accepted Confirms Price and Volume and issues Term Sheet to Buyer:

  • 1. Buyer sends ICPO in line with Seller's working procedures alongside his/her Tank Storage Agreement (T.S.A.) upon receipt and acceptance of Seller's TERM SHEET. If a Buyer is prepared to issue a TSA with an ATV, Seller will Immediately issue the SGS on a Bank-to-Bank basis
  • 2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (C.I.). Buyer Signs along with the Buyer's storage tank farm and returns to Seller.
  • 3. Upon receipt and review of the signed C.I., Seller releases the FULL POP documents:
    • A. Fresh SGS Report (Not older than 72 hours)
    • B. Product Reservoir Receipt
    • C. Accreditation Certificate
    • D. Product Passport (Quantity and Quality Analysis)
    • E. Certificate (ATSCC)
    • F. Pre-Injection Report (PIR)
    • G. NCNDA/IMFPA (To be completed by all intermediaries)
    • H. Certificate of Product Origin
    • F. Authority to Verify (ATV) either physically or otherwise.
  • 4. Upon receipt and confirmation of the above POP Documents, Buyer provides its testing officials (SGS or INTERTEK), and the needed tests are carried out on the product in Seller’s tanks
  • 5. Buyer upon successful Dip Test makes full payment by MT103 / TT wire transfer for the total product, and injection commences immediately. Buyer and Seller pay commissions to their respective intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hours after confirmation of Buyer's payment
  • 6. Seller issues a contract for Buyer’s desired duration upon successful completion of the trial order.

After a succesfull initial review.


  • 1 - Buyer sends Corporate Profile / CP and LOI / RFQ to Seller confirming the Seller's Procedures and Offered Price via his representative . Seller does additional due diligence on Buyer, and if accepted Confirms Price and Volume to Buyer.
  • 2 - Buyer submits acceptable ICPO (including specs) directly to the Seller containing the Seller’s working Procedures and Pricing.,
  • 3 - Upon approval, Seller issues a Commercial Invoice / Proforma Invoice and Draft Contract / SPA to Buyer. Buyer countersigns and returns, along with Initial Client Package (KYC/CP/Business certificate).
  • 4 - Seller issues PPOP to Buyer, which includes:
    • Refinery Business Registration
    • Refinery Export License
    • Seller Business Registration
    • Seller Notarized Commitment to Supply
    • Seller Notarized Statement of Availability
  • 5 - Buyer / Buyer's Bank issues Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) by SWIFT MT760 per Seller's verbiage to Seller’s fiduciary Bank account and sends copy of application and SWIFT to Seller. (Pre-advice MT799, and upon confirmation, MT760)
  • 6 - Upon confirmation and approval, the Seller's Bank issues 2% PB (Performance Bond) of one month value via SWIFT to Buyer’s Bank for guaranteed monthly shipment.
    • Seller loads product, or nominates a loaded vessel to the Buyer, and provides all Shipping documents to the Buyer.
  • 7 - Upon arrival at Buyer's Destination Port, Buyer is issued MATB and DTA. After positive Q&Q by Buyer's Inspectors, Seller issues final Commercial Invoice / CI.
  • 8 - Buyer releases payment to Seller’s Bank via MT103/TT within three (3) Banking days in the amount of the total cargo, as per the Q&Q results and final CI.
  • 9 - Upon confirmation of payment, Seller transfers Title of ownership and all other documents to Buyer. Seller injects fuel into Buyer’s tank or vessel. Fees are paid by Buyer and Seller to their respective representatives.
  • 10 - Subsequent shipments commence as scheduled in the Contract.

**Please note: Any LOI / ICPO provided directly to the Seller must contain complete identification information for the Principal Buyer / Signatory (Passport Data Page), and must be Signed, Sealed, and Stamped by the Signatory on the Buyer's Company Letterhead.

The final procedures may contain variations of the above depending on the individual case. For some Countries and Harbors, payments are due at Loading Port. Details will be discussed and agreed between Buyer and Seller.

We invite you to follow up to this email, as we will need to confirm the Buyer's quantity of needed product(s), specifications, logistics requirements, and Banking (the Buyer's expected method of securing the transaction, and then paying for the product). Thanks~