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With more than 10 years experience on BLCO our seller can propose this product for RWA buyer .

The Procedures depend on Where the crude is going - let us know where your potential buyer wants the crude to end up, and we'll send you the procedures.

BLCO can be sold like that .

FOB Nigerian port is the fastest deal, and the best pricing / deepest discounts.  Very Experienced Traders are the only folks we'd recommend for an FOB transaction.

TTO's offer the next best pricing, and nearly as quick a trade, since the vessels can be loaded and off shore for testing and pickup in a week or so.

Currently TTO's are being offered at Brent less SEVEN USD, net to the Buyer.  NO LC required - just POF for $500K and they will load the vessel, give the buyer Full POP, and move it off shore for the buyer to take over the vessel.   Contract follows spot lift.  (They would do a 1M bbl trade if asked)

Buyer gets Full POP after POF, AND direct contact info for the Shipping Company, AND the Vessel Captain, to verify both the product and shipping.  Which is the only way to know for sure the transaction is legit.

Same Offer - CIF to HOUSTON TX - POF for $500K, 2M bbls CIF, price Brent Less FIVE USD / bbl, net to the buyer.  SBLC to secure the contract.  (They'd do 1M bbls also if requested)  Same Full POP and Vessel Info.

CIF Europe - the typical offer into Europe is an SBLC to secure, CIF, Brent less $3 or $4.  If we could present a legit buyer in Europe, I think we could convince them to offer the "550K POF transaction" to that buyer.

CIF China / Asia - No one, including NNPC themselves, will ship to Asia / China without an SBLC or a 799 Blocked Funds in place as security.  Generally ends up in China at Brent less a couple of US dollars / bbl.

The TTO and CIF Houston are Hot Plays for BLCO